President Elect – A Board Game Approach to Learning U.S. History

Since 2009, Charles Kirkland has directed business operations at Clean Energy Systems, LLC, a national provider of solar and hydrogen energy solutions based in Phoenix, Arizona. In his leisure time, Charles Kirkland advocates for improved education and is the inventor of a board game titled President Elect, now used by a wide range of schools throughout Arizona.

Modeled after the concept of Monopoly, President Elect presents an interactive, family-friendly board game challenge that leverages events from U.S. history and rules of government operation to educate players. Advancement across the board requires political decision-making and strategy to navigate state issues and avoid such national and presidential scandals as Teapot Dome and Watergate. Through a non-partisan lens, the game allows participants ages 8 and older to compete for Electoral College points with the ultimate goal of securing the presidency.

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