President Elect – A Board Game Approach to Learning U.S. History

Since 2009, Charles Kirkland has directed business operations at Clean Energy Systems, LLC, a national provider of solar and hydrogen energy solutions based in Phoenix, Arizona. In his leisure time, Charles Kirkland advocates for improved education and is the inventor of a board game titled President Elect, now used by a wide range of schools throughout Arizona.

Modeled after the concept of Monopoly, President Elect presents an interactive, family-friendly board game challenge that leverages events from U.S. history and rules of government operation to educate players. Advancement across the board requires political decision-making and strategy to navigate state issues and avoid such national and presidential scandals as Teapot Dome and Watergate. Through a non-partisan lens, the game allows participants ages 8 and older to compete for Electoral College points with the ultimate goal of securing the presidency.

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President Elect – Board Game Developed by Charles Kirkland

Charles Kirkland of Phoenix, Arizona, is the manager and director of Clean Energy Systems. He leads the company with a focus on providing safe, reliable electrical power without risk to the environment. In his free time, Charles Kirkland lends his creative talents to a variety of outside projects, such as the development of the board game President Elect.

President Elect provides an opportunity for casual board game players and enthusiasts to learn about the election process while playing the part of a presidential candidate. Using a game board and play style reminiscent of Monopoly, the game engages players in a political battle using poker-inspired strategies and in-game events based on real political events. Game play requires no working knowledge or understanding of politics, making it appropriate for families and individuals of all ages. Additionally, its inclusion of real political concepts such as scandals, issues, and regional concerns helps participants learn as they play.

Mr. Kirkland originally developed the game’s concept in 1991, drawing on a life-long love of politics, history, and board games. He created the game with the intention of contributing to the education of its players. Appropriate for ages 8 and over, President Elect is available for purchase on Amazon and at select stores throughout the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

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