The Sojourner Center’s Impact on Domestic Violence

Phoenix, Arizona, resident, Charles Kirkland developed the game President Elect, an engaging game of strategy and politics that has been used in Arizona and Nebraska schools. Also committed to serving his community, Charles Kirkland contributes to Saint Vincent DePaul and the Sojourner Center. He has assisted in providing low income and or affordable housing for abused women and their children.

Established in 1977, the Sojourner Center provides 24-hour support to domestic violence victims. The organization offers shelter, case management, child care, and a crisis line. The Sojourner Center has seen the following achievements since its inception.

1. As of 2014, the Sojourner Center has served 181,260 meals.

2. The group aided 1,015 citizens and families through its crisis hotline, which is available around the clock.

3. In 2003, the center opened a clinic that has provided care for 10,000 individuals.

4. Community advocates volunteered 14,801 hours to its cause since last year.

5. The Sojourner Center grew from a 28-bed home to 280 beds and 32 transitional apartments across three campuses.